Our Mission

Sophomore is a collection of actionable and timely advice-based stories for young gay men. We're a safe community where diversity and body positivity are celebrated & questions and dialogue are encouraged.

Our Team

Garrett McDonnell
Brand Manager

Garrett is the driving force behind Sophomore's tastefully aggressive brand identity. A native Virginian at heart with a passionate love for New Mexico, you can often find him eating enchiladas. Find him on Twitter @_the_gare_bear_

Matt Hartigan
Writer / Culture & Technology

Illinois native and domestic jet setter who enjoys losing himself in crowds and writing his way back. Find him on Twitter @IIIMDHIII

Chloë Andrews
Columnist / "Queers Answering Queer Questions"

Loves long walks on the beach with rum in one hand and coarse sand in the other. Never believed in magic. Found the love of her life while carving a pumpkin.

Raymond Greene

Ray got his start in Portland, where he began designing stickers and posters for local streetwear brands. He loves all things neon and really wants to go to space before he dies.

Mike Clark
Managing Editor

Mike writes like he eats — quickly and with gusto. He damaged his eyes from using Twitter too much and has a fondness for cussing.

Cody Ross Romero
Writer / Politics

Amateur rock collector, part time writer, and communications contractor. Cody specializes in guessing wifi passwords and making you think critically about your life choices. Find him on Twitter @codyrossro

David Morales

David left the world of cinematography to pursue a career in publishing. His passion for helping others is what led him to join Sophomore.